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Apache SolrCloud Kerberos Configuration

I’ve been working on securing Apache SolrCloud with kerberos. This includes configuring Zookeeper. So after struggling and lots of searching I came up with a working kerberized solution for SolrCloud, with Zookeeper, and Apache Ranger for Authorization. First I tried to secure a standalone Solr instance by updating to the Solr 6x branch which is a SNAPSHOT…
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Hadoop and Redhat System Tuning /etc/sysctl.conf

Hadoop and Redhat System Tuning /etc/sysctl.conf One of the most overlooked things after building out a Hadoop cluster is the operating system tuning. This post will cover how to tune settings in /etc/sysctl.conf also known as Linux Kernel Settings. /etc/sysctl.conf ## ALWAYS INCREASE KERNEL SEMAPHORES especially IF using IBM JDK with SharedClassCache also a separate…
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