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RHEL 7 and NFSv4 with Kerberos

Over the past year I have been tasked with building out a large Secure NFSv4 Environment using DRBD, Corosync and Pacemaker and ran into a plethora of issues which included gotcha’s with setting up NFSv4 Server and Client Security settings related to gssproxy/rpc-gssd, how to enforce quotas remotely with rpc-rquotad, to setting up idmapd or…
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Removing DRBD Devices and Volumes from Highly Available NFS

In working through attempting to add a new volume without causing an outage with a highly available NFS setup I had to come up with a methodology to remove the DRBD device to effectively rinse and repeat until we came up with the right steps. Below outlines the steps to remove a DRBD block device/volume.…
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Adding a block device to DRBD with Corosync and Pacemaker for use with Highly Available NFS

Over the past few weeks I have been working with DRBD, Corosync and Pacemaker and adding addition block devices to DRBD to create new volumes and noticed that there was no solid methodology or steps to complete this task but after some trial and error I came up with steps to avoid taking an outage…
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